Team Challenge

Cash prize for the 3 top teams of 2024!

With your chance to win up to $5,000 for your team!

  • 1st place – $1,000
  • 2nd place – $500
  • 3rd place – $300

All top 10 teams will also receive a ranking certification in recognition of their placement throughout the 2024 competition season. 

Throughout the 2024 competition season, points will be calculated for the top 3 winning teams at each QBJJC event along the Southeast Region (excluding AFBJJ QLD States), for the following categories:

  • Male Gi
  • Male No Gi
  • Female Gi
  • Female No Gi
  • Kids & juvenile combined Gi & No Gi

*In case of a draw the winner will be decided by:

  • Most wins 
  • Most Number of gold medals
  • Most number of silver medals
  • Most number of bronze medals

If there can still not be determined a winner through elimination of the above, then the drawing teams will both receive full amount of the prize money based on their placing.

*Head coach/ Representative of the team must be present at the last competition of the year to collect prize.

Ranking points

  • 1st Place (gold) = 9 points
  • 2nd Place (silver) = 3 points
  • 3rd Place (bronze) = 1 point

To calculate ranking points, simply multiply the athlete’s placement by the number of stars of the championship


Brisbane Championship 3 Star Event

  • 1st place = 9×3 = 27 points
  • 2nd place = 3×3 = 9 points
  • 3rd place = 1×3 = 3 points