Can I use groin guard?

No, groin guards are illegal in competition.

Do I need experience to compete?

As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport it is strongly advised that you have some experience and your instructors confidence to compete. As your instructor will be the main person to be able to judge if you are ready to compete or not.

Do I need to be a AFBJJ member to compete at the QBJJC events?

Yes, please register with the AFBJJ by clicking here.

Does everybody get T-shirts?

No as some events do not offer T-shirts. Otherwise it is important to pre-register 3 weeks before the event – This is to ensure that all T-Shirts can be ordered and printed in time for the event. It is also important to note that if you incorrectly fill out the T-shirt registration part on your application that you will also not receive a T-shirt.

How many divisions Can I compete in?

  • Kids may only compete in one division
    (unless there is No-Gi available then 2 divisions).
  • Juvenile may compete in 4 divisions
    (Gi & No-Gi Juvenile & either Gi & No Gi Openweight Juvenile /or Gi & No Gi Adult weight divisions).
  • Adults & Masters may compete in 4 divisions
    (Gi & No Gi weight divisions and Gi & No Gi Openweight Divisions)

If I am not sure which division I should enter what should I do?

Always ask advice from you instructor to avoid complications with registration. They will know exactly what you need to do and what divisions you should enter.

If I change my mind after register to the competition can I get refund or credit to other competitions?

Any competitor that decides to withdraw from the competition prior to the Early Bird deadline, may receive a 100% refund in their paypal account. After this date any competitor that withdraws from the competition prior to the Check, Change & Withdraw deadline, may receive 100% of their fee refunded as a coupon credit. Competitors seeking the entry fee re-compensation must do so before the Check, Change & Withdraw option closes or they will be unable to

If I have experience in other martial arts can compete at white belt?

The athlete who has proven to be a black belt in judo, has proven experience in wrestling, wrestling Olympic or Greco-Roman, or has fought MMA professionally, cannot participate in any league as a white belt.

If I miss the cut off date of the registration can I still get in and register to the competition?

No. Once registration has closed, no further entries will be allowed.

Once I complete registration can I change my weight category?

All competitors may withdraw, change or merge divisions themselves anytime, any day before 8pm on Check, Change & Withdraw Day. After which it is too late to make any changes or withdraw by competitors. All changes can be made through logging in to your smoothcomp profile.

What happen if I don’t make weight?

All allowances are already included in the specific weight categories. Competitors just prior to their division beginning. Although it is optional to cut weight to enter a lighter weight category, it is the competitors obligation to be on or under their specific weight category. There are no further weight allowances. If the athlete exceed their weight limit by the time their match is called they will be disqualified and they will forfeit their entry fee and no placing will be recorded.

What happens if I get hurt at the competition?

All competitions have highly trained first aid/medical staff to attend any injuries and address each situation as required. It is our recommendation that all competitors take out private health insurance and income protection insurance as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact sport.

What happens if there is not anybody on my weight category?

If there is no one in your weight category, then your division will be merged based on age, weight, sex and belt. If there is no possible match then you will receive a Gold Medal and be deemed the Champion of your division.

What uniforms are acceptable for the QBJJC Competitions?

Uniform requirements are as per IBJJF regulations.  Click here for more information.